We will review Applied Underwriters in this article, so you have all the information you need to determine if they are the right underwriters for you. 

Overview of Applied Underwriters?

When it comes to workers’ compensation and financial services, Applied Underwriters is a pioneer. Their integrated solutions are tailored to meet the actual demands of organizations. Since none of the competitors provide products like theirs, Applied Underwriters is not just the industry leader in comprehensive workers’ compensation solutions, but the only company offering them.

Since the beginning, they have consistently and profitably expanded, seeing a yearly doubling in both clientele and sales. They have amassed thousands of devoted clients and have consistently shown that the best way to assist clients is to first fully comprehend their needs and business before offering exceptional customer support that is attentive, comprehensive, and always available when needed. As a result, Applied Underwriters has a retention rate that any business in any sector would be jealous of.

Features of Applied Underwriters?

#1. Account Reconciliation

Automated broker reconciliation statements and a single entry for client, broker, and corporate transactions can ease your workload. Additionally, you can monitor their daily cash book, cash allocation analysis, and client premium accounts.

#2. Proficient Reporting

Pay special attention to the Loss Ratio by Product/AgenDemandsims Analysis, Triangulation Data, and Carrier Bordereau. Export any of the data to Excel so that it may be further analyzed using reporting tools from outside sources.

#3. Broker Management

By integrating with Applied’s broker network, you can manage your broker relationships end-to-end, including sales, distribution, accounting, claims, account reconciliation, and policy administration. This is the largest network of general insurance brokers in Ireland.

#4. Claims

Support claims from all business lines to a settlement with a thorough claims ledger and complete reporting functionality. By creating customized code lists and claims forms, you can ensure that you are meeting the unique needs of each of your customers.

#5. Document Management

All outgoing correspondence and documents should be automatically stored, making it simple to locate them about customers, policy accounts, or claims. You can safely accept papers into your system with eDoc Exchange as well.

#6. Dynamic rating engine

Rates and policy wording can be readily updated in real-time. Profit from full policy fulfillment through your desktop or web applications at the point of sale as well.

What Types of Insurance Do Applied Underwriters Offer?

Workers’ compensation insurance and other supplementary business services are services that Applied Underwriters provide to small and mid-size enterprises, including manufacturers, restaurants, retailers, carpenters, painters, and dump truck drivers. For larger firms, the carrier also provides workers’ compensation. It provides a variety of goods and services, such as the following initiatives tailored to a particular brand:

SolutionOne: provides payroll processing, risk reduction plans, extended coverage for employers, and workers’ compensation insurance.

EquityComp: Designed for businesses looking for flexible risk financing with premiums over $250,000.

JumboGC: Designed for businesses that need the assurance of a guaranteed cost program and have yearly payrolls over $2,000,000. A cost-effective and practical option to lock in insurance costs for a whole year is to use JumboGC. 

Pros of Applied Underwriters:

Applied Underwriters is distinct in that it offers commercial and financial services in addition to workers’ compensation insurance. With the support of Berkshire Hathaway Companies and an A.M. Best grade of A (excellent), the company has a strong financial position. For the majority of class codes, the carrier offers reasonable pricing. They sell workers’ compensation insurance via independent insurance brokers.

Cons of Applied Underwriters:

Negative client interactions in one or more operational areas are more likely when workers’ compensation insurance is combined with other company services. Even though the company provides a good insurance product and distinctive possibilities, it may be challenging to overcome the carrier’s many unfavorable internet evaluations.

What to Know about Applied Underwriters

The company was established in the early nineties to provide innovative solutions for risk management for premiums above $250,000. With the support of Berkshire Hathaway Companies, the carrier has developed over time to leverage the salient characteristics of both retro and self-insured captive arrangements. The business also exclaims:

  • A 92% customer retention rate
  • The lowest caseload average per adjuster in the industry
  • 24-hour contact commitment on claims
  • In-house pharmacy to help manage medical costs

Applied Underwriters takes great satisfaction in its innovative and one-of-a-kind approach to fusing workers’ compensation insurance with financial and business services (such as payroll services). Additionally, Applied Underwriters pledges to never outsource its business, giving it more control over processes and the general caliber of its interactions.

What Discounts Do Applied Underwriters Offer?

The policy credits and discounts that Applied Underwriters gives are not specified, and these could differ by state as well based on the workers’ compensation laws and rating guidelines of each state. However, safety-conscious firms have a huge potential to save a large amount of money, according to the provider. Additionally, they provide a class code rating rate lock for three years, which increases predictability.

Applied Underwriters Customer Service

The following information relates to Applied Underwriters’ customer service options:

  • Phone, mail, and email customer service options 
  • Claim reporting by phone: (877) 234-4420

Who bought Applied Underwriters? 

The Quasha Group, managed by Quadrant Management, is said to have joined Applied Underwriters founder Steve Menzies in acquiring Applied Underwriters Inc. and its subsidiary North American Casualty Co.

How big is Applied Underwriters? 

With 500 workers, Applied Underwriters has a revenue-per-employee ratio of $720,000. In 2022, Applied Underwriters’ revenue peaked at $360.0 million.

Is Applied Underwriters an MGA?

Yes, Applied Underwriters is an insurance provider that, under certain circumstances, acts as a Managing General Agent (MGA). They serve as a go-between for insurance companies and insured parties in their capacity as an MGA. On behalf of the insurance company they represent, MGAs usually have the power to underwrite policies, issue insurance contracts, and manage policy administration.

Is Applied Underwriters an insurance company? 

Applied Underwriters is a global provider of risk services that assists individuals and businesses in managing uncertainty through its reinsurance, insurance, and business services.

What is the Applied Underwriters’ average claim response time?

For each claim, Applied Underwriters guarantees a 24-hour response time. Additionally, the company reports that over the last five accident years, its claims resolution rate has been 2.5 times faster than the industry average. Adjusters are given modest caseload numbers by the carrier, which helps them handle claims more effectively and close them faster.

What is Applied Underwriters’ customer service availability?

There’s not much information available from Applied Underwriters on customer service availability. Clients can contact them via mail, phone, or email. You can also file a claim via mail. Work with your independent insurance agent for the best possible service.

What is the Applied Underwriters’ claims process?

According to Applied Underwriters, the carrier is committed to efficiently, equitably, and promptly resolving claims.

The company’s licensed medical providers will give medical care to injured staff, assisting them in returning to work as soon as feasible. Claims adjusters are on hand to address queries and issues, and the company makes every effort to pay benefits precisely and on schedule.

  • Employers will value that Applied Underwriters closes claims far quicker than the industry norm, which will ultimately result in lower long-term costs for the firm.
  • Applied Underwriters offers its claims adjusters specialized, ongoing internal training in the fields of technology, medicine, and workers’ compensation law.

Does Applied Underwriters create a user-friendly experience for customers?

There is not much information on Applied Underwriters’ website, and there is no way for clients to communicate or get in touch with customer care. Collaborating closely with an independent insurance agent will undoubtedly provide customers and prospects with additional information about the organization.

There are a lot of complaints and bad evaluations regarding the company’s services.

Does Applied Underwriters have good workers’ compensation insurance?

Applied Underwriters offers specialty pharmacy services, return-to-work programs, and work comp plans for a range of company sizes and funding options. Furthermore, the loss control tools offered by the carrier are made to assist companies in locating and removing potentially dangerous situations that may otherwise cause substantial losses.

It looks like Applied Underwriters has some distinctive product features that could appeal to specific companies or individuals in particular class codes in terms of its product offerings.

Is Applied Underwriters a good insurance company?

A.M. Best and the BBB have given Applied Underwriters outstanding ratings, and Berkshire Hathaway Companies supports the company. Despite this, it can be challenging to discern this carrier’s wider picture because, despite its claims of excellent customer service and claims processing, many customer evaluations suggest the contrary. The company’s ancillary payroll processing services are the subject of numerous complaints.

Who are the competitors of Applied Underwriters?

#1. Highwing

For commercial insurance, Highwing offers an open data platform. It creates insurance software with the needs of brokers in mind. It was once called IMA.

#2. Broker Buddha

Broker Buddha functions as an online client interaction tool for insurance companies. It offers commercial enterprise solutions like house insurance, cyber insurance, and more.

#3. Quandri

Quandri creates robotic software to automate tedious commercial operations and create digital workforces. The business specializes in time-consumption automation systems.

#4. Novidea

Novidea is a software solution for managing insurance that is data-driven. It provides a complete platform for corporate intelligence and smooth workflow management.

#5. Better Agency

Better Agency is a technology and insurance industry firm that focuses on offering insurance administration software. 

#6. EZLynx

EZLynx creates software for the insurance sector that is hosted in the cloud. The business is pleased to have developed several items that the insurance sector had previously

#7. ITC

Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC) serves the insurance industry, including independent agents and insurers, by offering marketing, rating, and management software and services.

#8. Vertafore

Vertafore offers information, services, and software related to insurance. The business gets ready for digital upheavals in the insurance sector. It provides a means of assisting clients.

#9. HawkSoft

HawkSoft is a management systems business that works in the technology and insurance industries. The business sells a variety of goods, such as an

#10. Quikfuzion

QuikFuzion offers insurance agency management tools that are entirely web-based. It creates AMP, a cloud-based agency management platform powered by Amazon that enables agencies to manage their systems.

What is the highest-paid underwriter? 

Chief Underwriter

Salary range: $132,500-$257,000 per year

The current range of Chief Underwriter salaries in the United States is between $132,500 and $257,000 a year for the bulk of them. Given the wide range of prospective salaries based on region, years of experience, and skill level, there may be many prospects for both greater pay and development.

How much is Applied Underwriters worth?

Applied Underwriters’s revenue is $360.0 million.

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