WedSafe Wedding Insurance Review 2024

Are you arranging a lovely dream wedding for the holidays? Then remember to purchase wedding insurance. Getting married frequently requires a large financial outlay. Wedding insurance allows you to concentrate on savoring the moment by relieving some of the financial worries that are frequently associated with getting married. In this article, we look at WedSafe wedding insurance to see if they are the best provider of wedding insurance.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is an event insurance policy that covers unexpected accidents or circumstances during your wedding events. 

Things might not go as planned for your wedding, even after every last detail has been decided. This is because you have a lot of concurrent vendors coming together for an event. A deposit of several thousand dollars is being made at the wedding location that you are renting. There are risks associated with such money if that venue closes or if a storm causes a disruption.” 

Additionally, if you’re unable to pay back a personal loan on time without jeopardizing other financial objectives, it may be a good choice if you need assistance paying for all of these wedding-related expenses in the first place. This is where the WedSafe wedding insurance company comes in.

Overview of WedSafe Wedding Insurance

WedSafe was founded in 1999 and provides wedding insurance that is backed by Aon Affinity and K&K Insurance, with underwriting provided by Nationwide. They can cover the venue and extra-named insureds and provide very comprehensive event liability insurance. 

Liability coverage is also provided by WedSafe for travel to and from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and any other U.S. territory or possession, including the U.S. Virgin Islands, on cruise ships. 

We appreciate that you can select varying levels of insurance for various categories, including the ceremony, reception location, caterer, photographer, videographer, flowers, special dress, and other wedding purchases when it comes to their cancellation and postponement coverage. Their cancellation policy has a modest deductible. You can choose the coverage level and amount that best suits your event and budget.

Furthermore, extended optional geographical coverage is also available. There is wedding cancellation and delay insurance available in the UK, Mexico, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Caribbean Islands (not Cuba), as well as on cruise ships leaving from these locations, for only roughly 10% more than the price of U.S. cancellation insurance.

Pros of WedSafe Wedding Insurance

  • Obtain liability coverage up until the wedding day.
  • A 15% reduction when combining wedding liability and cancelation
  • Liability for host alcohol is covered at no extra cost.
  • It includes job loss coverage in the cancelation policy
  • There are roughly ten distinct cancellation coverage limitations to select from, ranging from $7,500 to $175,000.
  • Liability up to around $5,000,000
  • 24/7 emergency claims assistance

Cons of WedSafe Wedding Insurance:

  • The rates provided for premiums will include a $15 purchase group fee.
  • Theft of money orders, checks, and cash is limited to around $300.
  • Theft must be reported to the police, and mysterious disappearances are not accepted.
  • Liability policy wording is lengthy and sometimes unclear.

What does WedSafe insurance cover?

Typically, wedding insurance offers several distinct coverage areas. Although every policy is unique and should be chosen based on your specific circumstances, many wedding insurance packages include the following features:

#1. Cancellation and Expenses

This protects you if an unforeseen illness or death (including that of a close relative), severe weather, or job loss forces you to call off the wedding. Events that you are aware of at the time you purchase the policy are not covered, as is the case with most insurance plans.

#2. Supplier Deposits

This protects you if a supplier files for bankruptcy or liquidates, for example, and you lose the non-refundable deposits. In addition, you can be compensated for any extra expenses brought on by setting up substitutes.

#3. Wedding Attire

This protects you against lost or irreparably ruined wedding gowns. The wedding party as a whole, as well as rented suits and clothes, may be covered.

#4. Wedding Photographs and Video/DVD

This protects against unavailability or the use of subpar materials by the hired professional, covering the costs associated with retaking the official wedding photos or video/DVD.

#5. Wedding Cars and Transport

If there are issues with the wedding car provider you have reserved on your wedding day, this section covers the additional expense of alternate transportation.

#6. Presents/Gifts

This covers you for wedding present loss or damage, usually for a brief time before and after the wedding. Money gifts, checks, gift cards, and the like are typically not accepted.

#7. Wedding Rings

This offers protection against misplacement or harm to the wedding rings, frequently occurring both before and after the wedding. For engagement ring insurance, you’ll typically need to go elsewhere, even though wedding bands may provide some coverage.

#8. Wedding Cake and Flowers

This protects you in case your wedding cake or flowers are lost or damaged.

#9. Wedding Entertainment

This section of the policy covers concerns related to your wedding entertainment, whether it’s for a harpist during the ceremony or a DJ or band during the evening festivities.

#10. Public Liability

For claims brought by a third party against you, you are covered. Typically, the bride and groom’s public liability insurance covers them, but you can extend it to cover all guests for a small additional charge.

#11. Personal Accident

If, during the insurance period, the bride and groom suffer an unintentional physical injury that causes them to pass away or become permanently disabled, they will be covered.

#12. Professional Counseling

This covers the expenses incurred by the prospective bride or groom if they decide not to proceed with the wedding.

What does WedSafe Wedding Insurance not cover?

#1. Cold feet

Wedding cancellations can frequently be caused by a variety of factors; however, cold feet or a change of heart are not among them. The terms “disinclination to marry” or “cold feet” may appear in the fine language of your policy. This is not likely to be covered, as most insurance only pays for the expenses of calling off or rescheduling a wedding if the reason is outside the couple’s control.

#2. Overseas travel

Rearranging a honeymoon or paying for an overseas wedding trip is frequently not covered. This is because you will typically need to purchase separate honeymoon or travel insurance, which will typically include cancellation coverage if your trip is delayed. 

Note that insurance often only covers additional expenses related to the wedding itself, such as rings, wedding dress, necessary paperwork indemnity, etc., and does not cover the cost of the actual trip if you are married abroad.

#3. Separate ceremonies

Verify if your policy covers cancellation of all necessary dates if you are having two ceremonies, such as a short civil ceremony followed by a church blessing a few days later. A lot of insurers demand that the insured events happen no more than 21 days apart.

WedSafe Insurance Cost 

To purchase liability with cancellation or postponement coverage and receive up to a 15% discount on your premium, click here to get a quote now!

WedSafe Insurance Claims

#1. Venue Property Damage: Twenty-three percent of 23 percent of claims filed last year involved venue property damage, which included everything from soiled turf to ruined murals and ink-dyed couches.

#2. Accidents or Injuries: Fist fights, dimly lit stairs, and slippery dance floors were among the 18% of claims that were reported as accidents or injuries.

#3. Vendor Problem: Among the 16 percent of claims resulting from a vendor problem were business failures, uncooperative videographers, and the band’s complete collapse into a river. 

#4. Loss, Damage, or Theft: Five percent of claims on theft, loss, or damage include scrap automobiles, stolen sunglasses, and broken gifts.

Is wedding cancellation insurance worth it? 

Coverage for wedding cancellation or postponement is worth it because it can shield you in the event of unforeseen circumstances, like a venue closing, a vendor failing to show up, or a severe storm striking the vicinity of your chosen site. It’s important to remember, though, that a couple’s change of heart usually isn’t a valid reason for cancellation.

Why do you need wedding liability insurance? 

You need wedding liability insurance because accidents or injuries that happen during the ceremony or reception may be covered by it. Insurance against wedding cancellation or postponement might pay back your expenses if you have to cancel or postpone the event because of severe weather, an accident, sickness, or a problem with a vendor.

Is it expensive to insure a wedding?

The cost of liability coverage alone for wedding insurance can be less than $100, while the rates for larger cancellation policies can exceed $1,000.

When should I buy wedding cancellation insurance?

You can buy insurance against wedding cancellation or postponement for up to two years or as late as 15 days before the ceremony. We advise getting this coverage as soon as you start making deposits and purchases to ensure that your money is safeguarded right away.

Does wedding insurance cover a change of heart? 

A change of heart is not covered by wedding insurance. The sole purpose of change of heart insurance is to safeguard those uninvolved persons who have no control over the cancellation of the event.

What Is the Change of Heart Insurance?

Change of heart insurance is a special kind of event cancellation coverage that is intended to shield parents and other “innocent financiers” if a wedding must be canceled due to a change of heart. Should the joyful couple decide to back out of the event before it starts, a change of heart insurance can assist in returning a portion of the deposits paid by friends, family, and other supporters.

How Does Change in Heart Insurance Work?

A few guidelines govern how a change in heart insurance operates. To be eligible for coverage, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • Canceling the wedding at least a year in advance is required. If it’s any later, coverage won’t be possible.
  • The bride and groom must cancel the wedding because they have “cold feet” or a change of heart; cancellations for any other reason are not covered.
  • The bride or groom must call off the wedding. or both.
  • Only “innocent financiers,” such as the parents of the bride and groom or other relatives or friends who contribute to the wedding, are protected by the coverage.
  • Neither the bride nor the groom are covered. The sole purpose of change of heart insurance is to safeguard those uninvolved persons who have no control over the cancellation of the event.

What does event cancellation insurance cover? 

Event Cancellation Insurance covers loss of income from OR expenses incurred for an event in the event of cancellation, abandonment, interruption, curtailment, postponement, or relocation due to covered perils as specified in the policy.

What does host liquor liability cover?

Host Liquor Liability refers to liability insurance for physical harm (PD) or property damage (BI) resulting from the serving or distribution of alcoholic beverages by a non-business entity. Under conventional general liability (GL) policies, host liquor liability exposures are covered.


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